Online Store Success

Online Store Success

An online business school for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Learn how to Build, Grow & Scale, your own profitable online store.

Learn from the founder and CEO of Australian Fashion label, iland co., Jodie Minto.

Launching an online store can be hard

Does this sound familiar?

You wonder why your hard work isn't resulting in traffic and sales.


You have invested so much time and money into bringing your business to life, but no one is visiting your site or buying from you. 

You are asking yourself 'Is it my product?' Am I too expensive? Do I have enough products?

You can’t figure out if it’s your product or your pricing.  You wonder if you have enough products , or maybe your quality and designs just aren’t good enough.

You wonder 'Is my branding or website broken? Do I need to rebrand and start from scratch?'

Have you toyed with the idea of rebranding or rebuilding your website – maybe that’s the problem?

You are almost broke and have already updated your CV, just in case...

You feel like you’ve tried everything and time is running out. If your online store doesn’t start making a profit soon, you are going to have to call it quits and go back to a regular job.

You haven't even launched yet and are scared out of your mind!

You are about to launch your online store.  You a want to ensure you have everything in place to start making sales right away.

Are you nodding your head?

If any of the above sounds like you, I can help you.

Let me show you how to overcome these challenge and grow and scale your online store to new heights!

I want you to imagine your life where you are…


Turning over thousands of dollars in sales each month.


Serving a ton of happy customers who buy from you time and time again.


Being able to share with family and friends how happy and fulfilled you are as each month your online business blooms.


Watching your social media reach, engagement and followers rise each week.


Having huge wait-lists of sold out styles because your beautiful repeat customers can't get enough!


Being your own CEO; you're the boss now!


Setting your business on autopilot and making money while you sleep (or better yet, travel the world)!


Running a profitable and saleable business.

starting your fashion store can be exciting

But here’s the ugly truth for many online retailers…

First they choose beautiful products. Then they design their online store. They begin to see their business dream becoming a reality.

However, success depends on many factors, and many are quickly disappointed by their lack of success.


People aren't visiting their store.


They are confused and overwhelmed.


Their bank account is empty. Or worse, they still owe money for stock.


They are confused and overwhelmed about all the contradictory advice.


They are at their wits end and don't know what to do.

Let me share with you my story…

Six years ago I was living in the Middle East with my husband and 2 young children. I was working full-time in a corporate job that I loathed. I was burnt out and exhausted and desperate to quit my job. I needed a change and I wanted to be my own boss, work my own hours and be in charge of my own destiny.

I was searching for a way to quit my job. What business could I start?

On a trip back to Australia I saw these beautiful kimonos. They were stunning. And I knew that they would be popular in the Middle East. And so my iland co. journey began.

Like many, I started at the local market stalls. The product sold well. My new business looked like it had potential. I was still working my full-time job but now I was hopeful that this business was my answer.

My next step was to scale so I could quit my job. And I knew online sales was the answer. People seemed to love my product, how hard could it be?

With much excitement, I launched my first online store. My business dream was finally becoming a reality.

But quickly my optimism faded. I just wasn’t getting the traffic or sales I needed.

I began researching and studying everything I could about e-commerce. Digital marketing, copywriting, social media and Facebook ads – there was so much to learn.

I sought the help of international fashion industry experts. I hired a Business Coach and I attended many Conferences and Masterminds. I was determined to make it work.

I began testing different strategies in my business. But I was learning the hard way with a lot of trial and error. I spent time on the wrong things. And I invested a lot of money in things that just didn’t work.

But FINALLY, traffic and sales began to grow.

I can still remember having my first $5K month. I was so excited – my hours and hours of hard work was beginning to pay off.

My email list and social media following began to grow. YES! I had cracked the code.

I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched my business grow. My online sales started to hit the $10k, then $20K and then $30K+ every month.

Today, I couldn’t be prouder of iland co. It hasn’t been an easy journey. But it is one I am very proud of.

I now sell out of new collections within days. I have thousands of loyal customer buying from me time and time again. And my business now supports me to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. I get to be my own boss every day. I get to have fun designing new Collections. And best of all, I enjoy the lifestyle I’ve always wanted.

Would you like me to share what I have learnt with you? Would you like me to give you the exact strategies we use for iland co.

Being an online retailer can be very tough. But it can also be very profitable and give you the lifestyle you want.

Let me show you how to do exactly that.



Would you like to join me in Online Store Success?

If you are determined to make your online store a huge success, now is the time to take action!

Don’t be another business statistic. Arm yourself with the necessary skills and support network to ensure you achieve the profits and lifestyle you deserve.

Work and Learn from me where I will:


Train you via Monthly group live calls and a private Facebook community.


Teach you the strategies I used to build a multiple 6-figure+ online store.


Welcome you to a community of like-minded women who are committed to their business success.


Provide access to industry experts and all my industry contacts.


Guide you in your business dream and ensure you avoid any of the common pitfalls.

your profitable online store starts here

Study the below modules online at your own convenience.  Enjoy 12 months access to these modules and any updates. 

Bring any questions you have about the content or your business to our weekly call!



Modules we will cover include:

Module 1: Source & Showcase The Perfect Products - while protecting your profits

Manufacturing, Collection Planning, Wholesaling & Pricing

What we cover in this Module:

  • How to find and prepare a manufacturer (for your own designs)
  • How to source ready made products
  • How to build a collection/product range
  • How to sell wholesale to stores
  • How to price your products for maximum profits
  • Learn how to showcase your products with DIY photography
  • Guest recorded interview with Manufacturing specialist Suzanne Christie
Module 2: Nail Your tribe, develop your brand, and nail your messaging

Because after all – you need to know exactly WHO you are selling to and HOW to reach them.  

What we cover in this Module:

  • Ideal Customer Profiling, Branding Development, Copy Writing
  • How to identify your ideal customer & their pain points
  • How to build your brand around your ideal client and their needs
  • How to write marketing material and copy that resonates with and reaches your ideal customer
Module 3: E-Commerce Success Tools - technology that helps you sell

Technology that sells for your while you sleep!

What we cover in this Module:

  • How to get your website started for those that don’t already have a site
  • How to plan the pages of your website or evaluate your existing website
  • How to select the right e-commerce platform for your needs
  • How to choose a payment gateway, software, plugins, and other tools that will help you sell
  • Guest recorded Interview with Em Winch from Morris Bear – Web Design Expert
Module 4: How to get noticed fast & become the 'it' brand online in your industry

Learn social media success strategies from industry experts.  Leverage organic social media platforms to grow your business.

What we cover in this Module:

  • How to build a strong organic social media presence and engage with your ideal customers
  • How to utilize Instagram Success Strategies including hashtags, captions, and content
  • How to make the most of Pinterest
  • Guest recorded lecture with Makayla from Social Stylings
  • Guest recorded lecture with Lisa Devereaux from Pincredible Marketing
Module 5: grow your List & master Email Marketing campaigns

Learn how to build your list quickly and then deliver consistent value to them.

What we cover in this Module:

  • How to attract people to your list
  • The available software tools to help grown and maintain your list
  • What, when and how to send Emails to your list
  • How to build an email marketing campaign
  • How to build nurture sequences
  • How to build Abandoned Cart Sequences
  • Email Marketing Script Swipe File
Module 6: master Facebook & Instagram Ads without losing the shirt off your back

Learn how to create your own Facebook and Instagram Ads from scratch and monitor their performance.

What we cover in this Module:

  • How to recognise the key components of a good Facebook & Instagram ads and ads strategies
  • How to install your pixel and what it does
  • How to create a Facebook an Instagram Ad from scratch
  • How to create custom audiences and use targeting like a ninja!
  • How to create retargeting campaigns based on buyers journey
  • How to check your results and analytics
  • Guest Speaker – Miranda Ivey Facebook Expert
Module 7: websites that sell - Website Conversion & Optimisation

Is your website really built to convert?

What we cover in this Module:

  • How do I make my website as effective as possible for sales?
  • How to ensure my website is set up to convert as many visitors as possible
  • How to ensure that I have good SEO strategies in place
  • How to convert abandoned carts into sales
  • Guest Expert – Kate Toon, The Recipe for SEO Success

plus you’ll also receive

 support, strategies and connections to help you reach your goals.


Expert Masterclasses with industry leaders.


Tools, templates and swipe files you can use in your business.


Monthly group Q & A calls with Jodie!


Let me guide you in your business dream and ensure you avoid any of the common pitfalls.

real women just like you…

Could you be our next success story?

Egidia doubled her sales and increased her conversion rate by 227%

Since taking the Online Store Success program, I’ve doubled my sales, increased my traffic by 100% and improved my conversion rate by 227%. 

I was at a point where I was wondering if I’d ever be able to make my business dream a reality, and I can happily say now, that I’m well on my way!

Egidia, Awards Fashion


Mel launched ‘Love My Clutch’

The course was fabulous! Being able to access Jodie’s knowledge and learnings via her own experiences, is so helpful for all of us just starting out on our own business journey’s.

That kind of information really is invaluable when you are just starting out, so I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with Jodie and the other people in the course.”

Mel, Love My Clutch


Kate 10x’ed her investment

Jodie’s business advice, strategies and Facebook tutorials have been absolute gold!

She has helped me simplify my pricing system and operations, gain more traffic and sales through Facebook ads and even come up with new products to add to my site! Her advice around Facebook ad campaigns has been incredibly valuable.

I’m so glad made the investment to join this program…

My investment has repaid itself tenfold already!”

Kate,   Jimmyhalfpenny

‘This program was amazing’

 It laid the groundwork for setting up your business right. I was a year into having launched a business with minimal planning and guidance, this course took me through step by step in breaking down each element and putting in place a strong base to build upon. It upskills as well as allowing critical reflection to make changes.

Jodie is amazing. She is full of so much passion to grow your business and support to get you there. “

Jen, Fern & the Wolf

this is possible for you too!

Get access to my own proven strategies which have enabled me to quit my full-time job and turn my online fashion store into a multiple six-figure business.


Immerse yourself in a community of other online store owners and peers.

This online program is for you if…


You have or are about to launch your online store.


You have been in business for a year now and just aren't getting the sales you need.


You aren’t afraid to take the next steps and invest in your future success.


You want your business to meet your financial needs, ie. Quit that day job!


You want to surround yourself with other like-minded women who are committed to building their online retail store success story.

What else is included you ask?

Online store success Includes…

Monthly Live Q & A calls with Jodie, the Designer and Founder of iland co.and Coach and Mentor at

Join Jodie and the other students on a monthly call where you can bring any questions you have regarding the content or business in general.  

Learn from someone who has been in e-commerce for many years and continues to run a successful online fashion store.

Weekly video online modules and tutorials to arm you with the essentials of mastering e-commerce success.

Study these modules at a time convenient to you from your phone or computer.

You will have 12 months access to the online modules, including any updates!

Access a library of Masterclasses with industry experts. 

Each of our guest lecturers are considered experts in their fields.

Masterclasses include:

  •  Product photography
  • Instagram success strategies
  • SEO and copywriting
  • Manufacturing & design
  • Web design
  • Pinterest growth strategies

Downloadable workbooks, checklists, templates and references.

Weekly homework challenges, audits and more.

Everything you need ensure you are on the right road to success.

After completing all of the worksheets, you will have a clear business plan for the next 12 months.


12 weeks access to a Private Facebook Community – a peer- lead, support group where you can meet and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs and get feedback on course content

Jodie and her team are in the group frequently, so you can post any questions here, in between coaching calls.


12 months access to the training hub which includes 7 core modules including over 20 videos, downloads and worksheets.

Study when and where you like and at your own pace.

The learning platform is hosted on Teachable.  Access the modules from your computer, ipad or smartphone.


your successful online store is waiting

join Online Store Success today

our students have launched and scaled their online stores

some  MORE of our success stories

Sharon from Rainsong Designs

“I was feeling stuck and frozen with overwhelm and frustration in my business. I knew what I had to do, but I just wasn’t sure where to start or how to go about it to achieve the results I desired.

The online store success program was delivered in an easy to follow, step by step format which helped me to focus on just one thing at a time.

I found Jodie to be incredibly supportive, available & happy to share her knowledge throughout the course.

It was great to learn from someone who is in the same industry as me and has experienced the same struggles that come with being a solo businesswoman and growing your own business.

I also enjoyed connecting with other like-minded business women and sharing our knowledge along the way. “

Sharon Robertson,  Rainsong Designs

Tracey scaled her sales

“I have been operating for many years now and just needed a few new pointers to get my business to the next level. I signed up for Jodie’s course hoping to achieve just this. I was not disappointed.

Jodie was educated in so many different avenues of a business that I could only grow with her valuable information. Jodie was honest and genuine with all her information and help. She went over and beyond what I have ever received in any course I have signed up for. It was worth the investment and I would not hesitate to recommend Jodie.”

Tracey, Goosebumps Clothing


Lindy launched Aktivaal 

“I’m sure Jodie is a ridiculously busy woman – yet she makes you feel like she has all the time in the world for you.

One thing that I’ve appreciated more than anything is her genuine excitement and enthusiasm for my business.

I’ve loved the intelligent, educated and adult conversation that I’ve had with Jodie and the small group of women in the group. I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

Lindy, Aktivaal


Alana took her business to the next level!

“Jodie’s online course and her expertise in social media ads has been instrumental in helping me take my online clothing business to the next level. The course is well presented and extremely practical. I really love how open Jodie is about sharing her online success secrets to help others build their business.

The course modules have been a fabulous learning tool that I am using now and will continue to use in the future. Jodie’s advice for my Facebook ads helped me to understand the world of social media advertising so much more. Even the small bits of advice have had a great impact on my sales.”

Alana, Alana Bree Clothing


Edith refined her online concept and learnt digital marketing skills

“I completed the Online Store Success Programme with Jodie Minto. Jodie is an excellent instructor who really knows her stuff. She obviously is enthusiastic about the topic, and that made the course very enjoyable. Jodie’s willing to share her knowledge, even if we had questions that went beyond the course material.

By following the course, I was able to learn and build on the concept with minimal questions or frustrations. I’m already applying what I learned and signed up for the Mastermind course with Jodie. So much fun.”

Edith, Yoko Fashions Bryon Bay


join online store success™ today

pay in full

 8 x Weeks of high-value content specific to e-commerce

Worksheets + downloadables + support

3 x Monthly Group LIVE Q & A sessions with Jodie about the course content

12 months access to the course content &

12 weeks access to the dedicated Private Facebook Community for students 


1 x USD $997 Payment

payment plan

8 x Weeks of high-value content specific to e-commerce

Worksheets + downloadables + support

3 x Monthly Group LIVE Q & A sessions with Jodie about the course content

12 months access to the course content &

12 weeks access to the dedicated Private Facebook Community for students


4 x Payments of USD $297

Your successful online store takes a team

Meet Our Guest Contributors

Kate Toon

Copywriter and SEO Expert from

Meet Kate Toon – Copywriter and SEO Expert from

Kate is an award-winning copywriter, SEO consultant, author, podcaster, speaker and hula hooper with almost two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing.

Kate’s the founder of The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse.

Kate co-hosts the Hot Copy Podcast, host the Recipe for SEO Success Podcast and the Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast.

Kate joins us via a recorded lecture in Module 7 with some great SEO strategies that you can implement right away!

Makayla Paul

Instagram Marketing Expert from Social Stylings

Makayla is an Instagram Marketing Specialist specialising in the Fashion industry.

She is passionate about providing modern marketing knowledge and actionable strategies that are specific to the Fashion and Beauty industries.

Whether you are the founder of an up and coming Fashion Label, Online Fashion Boutique or Skincare Brand, Makayla has the knowledge and expertise to grow your Instagram presence.

Makayla teaches implementable Instagram strategies that can save businesses tons of time and money on agency fees.

Makayla joins us via recorded lecture in Module 4 – Social Media Success Strategies, sharing her fashion and lifestyle Instagram expertise!

Louise Glendon

Professional Photography Mentor from Click, Love, Grow

Louise believes that the person behind the camera is the most important factor in taking a good shot – way more significant than having the most expensive camera or 17 different lenses.

And her big, underlying philosophy is… That ANYONE can learn to take amazing photos.

No matter how much experience you’ve had, no matter what sort of equipment you’ve got, and no matter whether you consider yourself ‘artistic’ or not. Really. Photography is a skill like any other – you just need the right teacher, the right techniques, and a little practice.

Louise helps people learn everything they need to know to use their camera effectively and take amazing photos, all in the comfort of your own home.

Louise joins us via recorded lecture in Module 1 – Source & Showcase your Perfect Products!

Lisa Devereaux

Pinterest Marketing Expert from PinCredible Marketing

SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM WORLDWIDE WITH 70 MILLION USERS! Seriously, it’s enormous, and if you aren’t using it in your business you are missing on a lot of potential sales!

Lisa is passionate about all things Pinterest and educates business owners on how to utilise the platform in order to drive traffic and sales to their websites and businesses.

Lisa shares with us all sort of tips and tricks to make sure you have your Pinterest account set up the right way in order to capture some of the huge amounts of traffic that visit the site, each and every day.

Lisa joins us via recorded lecture in Module 3 – Social Media Success Strategies and we are so glad she does!

Miranda ivey

Marketing, PR and Facebook Ads Expert

Miranda has 15+ years of experience in Marketing and Publicity working with national and international events, products and people.

By combining her marketing and strategy experience with Facebook Ads, her clients have seen high ROI, exponential email list growth, and launched entrepreneurs and brands with a bang.

Miranda joins us via recorded lecture in Module 6 – Facebook & Instagram Ads!

Suzanne Christie

Swimwear & Production Expert. Modulus Design

Suzanne is an experienced designer, developer and mentor specialising in swim and resort wear.

As a Fashion & Textile graduate from Victoria University in Wellington Suzanne has over 20 years experience working with some of Australia’s most successful swim and surf brands including Billabong, Running Bare, Voodoo Dolls and 2Chillies.

Suzanne joins us via recorded lecture in Module 1 – Sourcing and Showcasing the Perfect Products and is not to be missed!

see what others have asked about online store success ™

frequently asked questions

When does the program start?

As soon as you enrol you gain access to the course.

Do I get instant access to all modules?

Modules will be released each week on the anniversary of your enrolment. We drip feed modules in order to not overwhelm you but once all your modules have been released, you have access to them for 12 months!

Does the program include live Q & A calls?

Yes, the Online Store Success Program includes Monthly Live Group calls via the Facebook group.   A schedule for these calls will be shared on enrolment. 

Will I have access to Jodie?

Absolutely! Jodie host’s each of the live group Q & A calls!  If you are needing regular 1:1 coaching however, you would be better placed in Jodie’s VIP Mastermind. Email to find out more

How long does the program run?

The core learning modules are delivered over 8 weeks! However, you will have access to the modules for 1 year and 12 weeks access to the dedicated Facebook group. Inside of this group, Jodie hosts monthly Q & A calls as well!

How many modules are included in the program?

7 modules + special bonuses – each one is released at the start of each week. 

Do you offer refunds?

We 100% stand by the quality of our program and learnings and therefore do not offer refunds.

If you have received the workbook, joined the course Facebook group or accessed any modules (pre-program included), no refund applies.

If you have purchased the program by accident and haven’t yet logged in, please contact us immediately at

What if I want more help with my business?

After the completion of the program, selected students will be invited to join a 6-month Mastermind Program which includes more advanced coaching and strategies as well as face to face events and training.

How do I access the course content?

After enrolment, you will receive a confirmation a receipt and instructions on how to log into the program.

What format are the modules delivered in?

High-quality videos with audio that you can log in and access anytime from your computer or via the Teachable App on your smartphone. You will also be shipped your ring-bound workbook after enrolling.

How do I join the call and what if I can't make it?

We will provide you with a zoom link to join the weekly group call and you can access via a computer or your phone. All calls are recorded and the replay will be shared in the Facebook group.

What do we cover in the live group Q & A calls?

The group calls are purely Questions and Answers. Please bring any related questions to the course content or homework assignments to the call OR any business related questions you might have. 

How do join the Facebook group and how long do I have access for?

As soon as you have enrolled, we will send you a link to join the group. You will have access to the group for 12 weeks from enrolment.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! We offer a payment plan of 4 x USD $297 payments. The first payment is collected when you complete your enrolment.   The following  payments will come out monthly on your anniversary of joining.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Credit Card and Paypal.

Can I ask you a question not covered?

Yes! Of course. Email me at

“I needed help taking my business to the next level and I didn’t know where to start. I had been struggling in the deep end for a while.

As a creative, my weakness was not knowing how to create business structures and priorities but I knew that I needed to if I wanted to get out of my maze.

I was finally ready to admit that I needed guidance and that was when I fell upon Jodie in a business group. Working with Jodie has been the best decision I’ve made for my business.

She became my rock and my centre of accountability. I found her easy to relate to, she listens to where your business is at and helps you structure a plan and priorities to move your business forward.

We had fortnightly calls and would touch base in between with whatever needs may arise.

After working with Jodie for 3 months I feel like I have progressed within my business in leaps and bounds and have developed a whole new side to my brain that I never believed I had.

I am now able to see where I’m at in my business, what I need to keep moving forward and create the pathways and structures to make that happen. What Jodie has taught me has been invaluable and I look forward to working with her again in the future when my business is needing its next boost.”

Suzi, Salty Fox Swimwear

What will you do?

Are you tired of trying to do everything on your own?

You’ve got two choices…


You could keep trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own.  This can result in loads of lost time and money in experimenting. 


You could get access to me and my proven strategies to start getting results in a matter of weeks.

Yes, weeks!

What went into building this program…

This is not your average online program

I work with professionals on a daily basis, structuring and helping them develop learning resources out of their IP, and believe me when I say that I know a dedicated, caring professional with a mountain of knowledge when I see one!

It’s been a pleasure working with Jodie to help her transform her knowledge, skills and expertise into a 5 star, outcomes-based, results-focused package which, without a doubt, gives you the foundations you need to create an online store successfully.

Jodie and I have worked together intensively to ensure that the learning materials are well structured and packed with activities and tasks that will help you not just learn but implement your learnings straight away.

The amount of knowledge you get in this course is phenomenal – if a successful online store is your dream, doing this course is an absolute no brainer!

Maria Doyle
Consultant in Adult Education and Training

‘I have been madly in love with Jodie’s brand of kimonos and dresses’

When I eventually got to know Jodie over the social media, I just felt this woman is so supportive and so open, that I started asking questions about creating my own brand making abayas, kimonos etc.

I feel so privileged to have been coached and mentored by Jodie on this challenging and exciting journey of mine. I couldn’t have been happier for having Jodie as my guide and biggest supporter.

I have gained a thorough understanding of the production side of the business within a short period of time, avoiding making costly mistakes and relevant tips for sales side of it. Jodie has provided me with tried and tested contacts for tailors, web design, a supplier of fabrics, brand developers etc This has saved me heaps of money and time. Jodie’s style of coaching is very personable and flexible and she is quick to respond to WhatsApp and emails.

I have had great experience working on creating my brand from zero and looking forward to taking my business onto the next level with Jodie’s support and business knowledge.

 Bella, By Bella